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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Avalon Park Expands its Orlando Commercial Development


Orlando, Florida - The NNN Commercial Real Estate news is from the exciting area near Orlando. There is a Commercial Real estate Development which is approximately 1,860 acres. The fine Commercial Real Estate development is known as Avalon Park and located in east Orlando. This Florida Commercial Real Estate Development consists of a 100 acre Town Center, around 4,023 single family homes and townhomes, five schools and five churches for worshiping.

Orlando NNN Commercial Real Estate Development

The Florida Commercial Real Estate developers were very decisive with their land portions. The NNN Commercial Real Estate team discovered that aside from the commercial real estate space which is being built, Avalon Park has roughly 243 acres of wetlands, 416 acres of upland preserve and 257 acres of man made lakes. This area of Florida has some beautiful lakes however many NNN Commercial Real estate Developers build man made lakes as well.

Avalon Park Net Leased Properties

Recent reports saw the director of leasing and business development for Avalon Park Group, has negotiated three new net leased properties agreements. The excellent Director of business development negotiated a retail net lease agreement with In Style hair salon for about 3,843 square feet of space. In addition three is a new net leased property for the Davis Bakery for about 1,525 square feet.

Orlando Net Leased Properties

These Orlando Net Leased Properties are both situated in the Downtown Avalon Park commercial real estate development. This Florida Commercial Real estate development has the net leased properties sitting on Avalon Lake Drive. This is a fantastic illustration of bringing in some income with NNN Commercial Real Estate in Orlando and Florida overall. The Florida Car Insurance Company is looking at retail space in the area.

Avalon Park History in Orlando

The Commercial Real Estate Development in downtown Avalon Park happened from the ideas of Beat Kahli. The genius is the, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group (APG). The Orlando Commercial Property was developed as a key piece to the 1,840 acre master-planned development which started in 1996.

This Downtown Avalon Park all started with the initial developed construction of Clock Tower at Avalon Park back in the year of 2000. The NNN Commercial Real Estate team saw that two story commercial mixed-use building as the anchor Tenant for the new downtown area. This initial Orlando Net Leased Property functioned like a gathering place for the initial owners of Avalon Park properties.

Avalon Park Commercial Property Growth

The Net Leased Properties of Florida saw an increase at the Downtown I development at Avalon Park. That portion of net leased properties started construction around 2003. That portion of Avalon Park was seen to be the first phase of the community’s town center. This section of the Florida Commercial Real estate Development was comprised of a four story mixed-use net leased retail building coinciding with residential units.

Florida Mixed-Use Developments

These were unique commercial property floor plans which were capable to allow for a wide range of retail businesses, from eclectic shops to various types of restaurants. This Florida Net Leased Property Development offered beautiful architectural styles and a design to promote walking and along with improved forms of socializing with neighbors.


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