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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Non Recourse Loan Information

Triple Net Lease & Apartment Building Non Recourse Loans

Recourse Loans get their name from the fact that lenders have the power. With a recourse Loan the Lenders are allowed to go after you for amounts that you owe, even after they’ve already taken the property.
A suggestion is to try for the Non Recourse Mortgage.
A Non-Recourse Loan has many benefits. With a Non Recourse Loan, you are only responsible for the collateral associated with the Loan/Mortgage. If you default on the Loan, you lose only the Property/collateral. If the value of the asset dropped during the period of the Non-Recourse loan, the difference between the value and the loan does not have to be re-paid. In that case, the lender would be responsible for the debt.
Also with a Non-Recourse Mortgage the borrower generally receives a better interest rate than most standard Commercial Real Estate Mortgages.
Many Commercial Real Estate Investors assume that the Non Recourse Loan is available only on Net Lease Properties with a Credit Tenant. We currently have Financial sources for Apartment Building Non Recourse Loans.

If you feel this is the right time to invest in a Net Lease property or an Apartment Building then contact us, at our Net Lease Properties Email. Net Lease Properties can also assist with your locating a Property.

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