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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Single Tenant, Net Leased Property Investment

Single Tenant, Net Lease Properties Investing

We would look like to give a reasonable definition of a Net Leased Property Investment
which may be a Single Tenant, and of course the premium with a Credit Tenant.
Typically, a Single Tenant, Net Leased property is a freestanding retail, or office building occupied solely by one user. This Single Tenant is bound by a long-term Lease of the building. The Net Lease obligates the tenant to pay the building's real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.
A Net Lease Property Investment has the lessee bound by contract to pay any expenses related to the ownership of the property, including but not limited to utility bills, building repairs, annual taxes and insurance needs. It is sometimes referred to as a closed-end lease.
Many Investors look to Single Tenant, Net Leased Investments to simplify their portfolio by buying and selling properties that require little or no landlord responsibilities. This decreases the Investors costs in owning the portfolio and increasing the likelihood of long-term, stable income.

Double net (Net-Net) NN normally means that the Tenant pays for everything except structural repair. Some examples of the Net-Net could be a Dollar General or Dollar Tree Net Lease Property. We have seen some Walgreen's that are Net-Net (NN) but many can be found as Triple Net Leased Property.

Our favorite is the Triple Net Lease (NNN) which means that the Tenant is responsible for generally everything including structural repair. However every lease is different, and it is best to actually check any lease in the negotiation process of a purchase. Walgreen's generally fall into this category. Some other Triple Net Lease Property Investments might have a Publix, Target, CVS, Kohl's or Taco Bell on the site. McDonald's Properties and many banks such as Chase, BB & T and others could be a Triple Net Lease Property.

If you feel this is the right time to invest in a Net Lease Property especially a Triple Net Lease Property then contact us, HERE. Net Lease Properties can also assist you with your Commercial Real Estate Mortgage to purchase a new property.

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