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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is Commercial Real Estate Recovering?

Tampa Bay, Florida - Today we have Net Lease Properties information on the attempt at a commercial real estate market recovery and sale-leasebacks. NNN Commercial Real Estate can be a great way to balance your portfolio. We see some excellent transactions on triple net lease properties and apartment building complexes. Also any commercial real estate seller should attempt a 1031 Exchange if possible. The Video above states some Commercial Real Estate Analysts are feeling more comfortable with NNN commercial real estate seeing a comeback.

We would like to recommend an area of NNN commercial real estate that should be looked into, and that is is the the sale-leasebacks sector. Sale-leasebacks are a commercial real estate transaction in which one company sells a commercial property to a buyer and the buyer immediately leases that commercial property back to the seller. We see many companies who need to have cash available rather than hold commercial real estate investments. The Sale-leaseback allows the initial buyer to make full use of the commercial property while not having their capital tied up in the triple net lease property investment.

An example of the Sale-leaseback can be seen with Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank AG, which is currently Germany’s largest bank, may sell its Frankfurt commercial real estate property, as investor demand for office space increases in the country’s financial districts. Deutsche Bank AG, is thinking about if their certain commercial real estate property should be kept in proprietary possession or should be used with a sale-and-lease-back

Deutsche Bank bought the commercial real estate which is two 36-story glass towers, known as Soll und Haben, which equates to the meaning of Debit and Credit. Deutsche Bank spent three years renovating the Office buildings to make them more environmentally friendly and they have started the process of moving 2,800 people back into the Commercial Office Building. Deutsche Bank may sell the Frankfurt commercial property for 500 million euros, as the Financial Times Deutschland reported recently.

Triple net lease properties can be the result of a commercial real estate sale-leaseback transaction. A retailer like Walgreen's, CVS, Home Depot, hhgregg, Burger King or McDonald's who built and occupies its own commercial property may want the cash to be on hand. So the Company sells the Net Lease Property to an investor. This becomes a lucrative deal for both sides as the company gets cash up front and investors get a predictable income flow from the NNN Commercial Real Estate.

NNN commercial real estate investing can be extremely rewarding, financially and personally, so if you are searching for your triple net lease properties, Search Net Lease Properties now.

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