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Friday, October 21, 2011

Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale


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Coral Gables, Florida - The financial experts keep throwing around the topic of an impending recession. Meanwhile many NNN Commercial Property Investors want to build their Commercial Real Estate Portfolio. What is wrong with integrating some distressed commercial properties into your investment platform if the NOI can be worked out? We have numerous distressed commercial properties and Investors seeking Joint Ventures with distressed commercial real estate acquisitions and development. The opportunities vary as well as realizing that there are funds which are earmarked for distressed commercial properties.

Distressed Commercial Properties with Commercial Financing

Some of the largest NNN Commercial Property Investors have requested Properties in the Distressed Commercial Real Estate industry. They are prepared to take advantage of the slumping economy and build their Commercial Real Estate Portfolio. Given the Financing options on some of these Distressed Commercial Properties, it is not hard to fathom taking the leap. The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff realizes that Commercial Real estate Investments, whether Net Lease Properties or Distressed Properties, go hand in hand with a Life Insurance policy.

Private Equity Jumping Into Distressed Commercial Real Estate

Industry professionals comment that private equity firms have long been interested in various commercial real estate investments so why not Distressed Commercial Properties. NNN Commercial Properties Portfolios have been snatched up by Private Equity Groups. The average Cap Rate on Net Lease Properties might not be attractive for some Investors therefore Distressed Commercial properties may offer more zing. These Private Equity Groups have also shown interest in the Commercial Loan and Financing area of Distressed Commercial Properties.

Turning Distressed Properties Into Profit Bearing Assets

The experienced NNN Lease Property Investor can see methods to turn a Distresses Commercial property around. The NNN Property Investor with funding can realize a few minimal improvements to turn Distressed Commercial Property into assets that are producing profits. We see NNN Lease Property Investors obtaining Commercial Real Estate while investing a fraction of what that Property originally was purchased for.

Distressed Commercial Properties to Build Wealth

We have handled numerous commercial properties which are widely recognized distressed investments in the Country. NNN Commercial Property Investors can come in, buy a Distressed Commercial property on the cheap and convert the property into a money maker. The Commercial Property Investor can do this with basic initiatives, for example maintenance or marketing of vacant commercial space.

Distressed commercial property opportunities diversify your Net Lease Properties Portfolio. Also contact Professionals at Florida Life Insurance to help with your estate planning involving Commercial Real Estate Investments.


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