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Monday, April 27, 2009

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

In addition to it being an excellent time to invest in commercial real estate properties, you’ll find that commercial investing offers fantastic advantages: Unlike the one-year leases common for homes, commercial tenants are usually locked into your lease for multiple years.

Regarding a Triple Net Lease Property, in addition to paying the Lease, they also pay for the taxes, insurance, and property upkeep.

When you buy residential real estate, the lender looks at you and your credit first and the property second. With commercial properties, the lender looks first at the cash flow.

In most cities in the U.S., you now can buy real estate for less than its replacement cost. Considering the current downturn in the Stock Market, many Investors recognize the stability of commercial real estate as an important consideration for a diverse portfolio.

Real estate offers tax advantages and leverage advantages that are not easy to obtain with most stock investments.

The IRS allows you to write down the value of improvements over 27.5 years for apartments and 39 years for other commercial properties. An investor also can take depreciation of a property as a tax-deductible expense to shelter other income.

Also, by using a 1031 tax-deferred exchange, investors can invest the full proceeds from the sale of one or more buildings that have appreciated in value into the purchase of one or more other buildings without paying capital gains taxes.

Triple Net Lease Properties & Commercial Loans

If a Net Lease Property is of interest to you then contact us, HERE. We can assist you with your search for Net Lease Property Investments.

Here are some of the Retail Single Tenants that may be available as a Net Lease Investment or Triple Net Lease Property:

•AutoZone Net Leased Properties
•Burger King Net Leased Properties
•Costco Net Leased Properties
•CVS Net Lease Investments
•FedEx Net Leased Properties (Federal Express Net Leased Properties)
•Home Depot Net Leased Properties
•Kohl’s Net Leased Properties
•Kroger Net Leased Properties
•Lowe’s Net Leased Properties
McDonald’s Net Leased Properties
•Oreilly’s Net Leased Properties
Publix Net Leased Properties
•Safeway Net Leased Properties
•Staples Net Leased Properties
•Steak n' Shake Net Leased Properties
•Target Net Leased Properties
Walgreens Net Leased Properties
Wal-Mart Net Leased Properties
•Wendy's Net Leased Properties

If you are considering purchasing Commercial Real Estate or a Triple Net Leased Property, you can apply for CTL Financing, Non Recourse Loans and Commercial Loans at

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