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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The word on Franklin Street

Tampa Bay, Florida - Our Net Lease Properties data today comes from the beautiful west coast of Florida. We see another Investment Property sold in Naples, Florida. This Investment Property is the Solana Villas Apartments in Naples. This Investment Property sold for $2,350,000. That makes a statement, as that was the full asking price for this leased Investment Property. The Apartment Building consists of 44 Units.
Word on the street, Franklin Street, was that there was tons of interest in this Investment Property. Franklin Street Real Estate Services represented the buyer and the seller during this transaction.

Franklin Street Real Estate Services is a Franklin Street Financial Partners company specializing in the brokerage of multifamily Investment Properties. The seller was a publicly traded lender that foreclosed on the property in 2008. The buyer of this Investment Property was a West Palm Beach-based private partnership. There has been more interest in triple net lease properties and Commercial Real Estate in Florida, recently.

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  • KFC NNN Ground Lease
  • McDonald's NNN Ground Lease
  • Pizza Hut NNN Ground Lease
  • Portillo's Hot Dogs NNN Ground Lease
  • Rally's NNN Ground Lease
  • Sonic Drive In NNN Ground Lease
  • Starbucks NNN Ground Lease
  • Taco Bell NNN Ground Lease
  • Tim Hortons NNN Ground Lease
  • Wendy's NNN Ground Lease

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