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Monday, September 27, 2010

2 Walgreens Net Lease Properties Sold for $11.2 Mil

Atlanta, Georgia - Today, Net Lease Properties information is on a Walgreen's Net Leased portfolio. A two store net lease Walgreen's portfolio sold in the Atlanta area. One net lease investment is located in Lilburn, Ga., and another one in Douglasville, Ga. The two Investment Properties sold for $11.2 Million, which translates to $395 per square foot on the overall transaction.

The buyer of these Net Lease Properties is a private institutional New York City-based commercial real estate investment group. The seller of these net lease properties are a preferred developer for Walgreens based in Atlanta. This Developer specializes in development throughout the Southeast.

Many commercial real estate investors believe that investing in a Walgreen’s Investment Property asset is regarded as one of the safest, most secure real estate investments available. Net Lease Properties are often being compared to owning a corporate bond. In an uncertain economy, the preferred choice for commercial real estate investors continues to be investment-grade, stable single-tenant, triple net lease deals.

The Walgreen's net lease investment in Douglasville, is at 3851 Chapel Hill Road. This net lease property opened in 2008 after construction was finalized. It has a mezzanine store design, with a fa├žade with black lettering and traditional lighting scapes, and was 13,500 square feet in size, rather than the 14,820-square-foot prototypical footprint. The net lease investment property in Lilburn, is located at 4235 Lawrenceville Highway, and opened in 2007.

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