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Friday, April 1, 2011

New York Walgreens NNN Lease Investments

Queens, New York - We open up Net Lease Properties news for April with a top national credit tenant, Walgreen’s. Many of our Net Lease Properties investors are actively searching for Walgreen’s Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy triple net leased properties. NNN Lease Investments with zero landlord responsibilities can be stable, long-term investments.

The net lease property Tenant, Walgreen's was founded in 1901. This triple net leased property Tenant currently provides the most convenient access to consumer retail goods and services, and pharmacy. Walgreen's as the net lease property tenant also offers health and wellness services for America. Walgreen's has pioneered many modern retail sites and pharmacy features, some of which have become standards in the industry.

The net lease property Tenant has recorded over 30 consecutive years of record sales and earnings. As far as investment property is concerned check these reports; Walgreen’s is a Fortune "50" national credit tenant (traded under the symbol "WAG"), with an S&P "A" rating and is listed among Fortune Magazine's "Most Admired Companies", the "Platinum 400 List" and "40 Best Stocks to Retire On".

This New York triple net leased property sold for $10,400,000. This sales price for a 100% Leased, NNN Lease Property may sound higher than normal but it is not the highest sale price this year. The NNN Lease Investment was marketed at a Cap Rate of 6.25 and then slightly higher. However, the Walgreen's triple net lease property closed at approximately a 7% cap rate.

The triple net leased property buyer was Elion Real Estate Investments. The sales price for this NNN Lease Investment comes to about $1041 per square foot. This is a rare Drugstore NNN Lease Property as it has rent bumps in the option periods of the net lease. This NNN Lease Property will also benefit from sitting on a freestanding corner at a lighted intersection. We do not have information on the Commercial Loans on this NNN Lease Investment acquisition.

The Walgreen's triple net leased property is located at 112-55 Farmers Boulevard, in New York with 11412 as the zip code. The NNN Lease Investment is situated in Queens County. The triple net leased property has a Building size of approximately 9,989 square feet. The NNN Lease Property sits on a Lot size of approximately 20,000 square feet which equates to .46 of an acre. This New York triple net leased property was recently constructed in 2010 and sold by Unicorp National Developments, Inc. The absolute NNN Property appears to have opened in January of 2011.

Th Net Lease Property has over 10 years left on the lease with Walgreen's. This NNN Lease Investment with Walgreen's benefits from being in a dense residential neighborhood and this Walgreen's store is capable to become the primary pharmacy in this area of New York. The Net Lease Investment is close to retail, and various restaurants. A primary factor that this Walgreen's should be successful is that it is near several medical clinics including Albright Medical Offices and Hollis Medical.

The NNN Lease Investment has an excellent location with from frontage on three sides and along a major access artery into the Queens residential neighborhoods. Queens is the largest borough in area size, the second largest in population, and of the five boroughs, sits on the east. This Net Lease Property is positioned on the western most part of Long Island. Also Queens is home to two major New York City airports, JFK & LaGuardia.

This triple net lease property is nearby the New York Mets baseball stadium, and the US Open tennis tournament. Queens is the home for the NNN Commercial Real Estate development, the Citicorp Building. This Citicorp NNN Commercial Real Estate building is the tallest skyscraper in New York City outside of the Manhattan Commercial Real Estate district.

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